Fees and Pricing


At EBJ, I don’t bill my clients by the hour where I can help it. My services are priced upfront, based on your requirements, circumstances, your needs and the complexity of the work involved. My fees are quoted following detailed conversations with you about your organisation, the current set up, your needs and your expectations. My philosophy is that, while the fees that I charge need to reflect my time and skill as well as the quality of professional services that my clients can expect, the value that my clients get for their fee is an investment into your and your organisation’s future. I recognise that, if my clients are looking to hire an external accountant, it is my role to provide a service that takes a weight off your shoulders, leaving you with more steam to focus on your organisation’s core activities or to spend more quality time away from work, without having to worry about the work that you trust me with.

I recognise that the unknown element of the cost of an accountant can be daunting and even off-putting for many of the organisations that might be looking into hiring an accountant for the first time, especially in the midst of the impact of the pandemic on livelihoods and on charitable organisations. I hope that you find it reassuring that my initial consultation and service fee quote are provided free of charge and on a no obligation basis.

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